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Neil Myburg 

Marius- This is perfect.

 Fantastic service- thank you!

 Project Materials Southern Africa Pty Ltd

Neil Myburgh l Managing Director





Wow guys this is the most amazing service ever!

 Ben will come past and pick it up.

Thanks so much!

 Kind regards,

David Walstra



Now that's excellent service ??????????



Thank you so much for the amazing service! The stamps have arrived & are wonderful! 
Kind Regards, 


Lisa Borrill

Hi Marius
I have just collected my stamps from the office and I just want to say that I have not had the pleasure of dealing with someone as accommodating, professional and friendly as yourself!! Thank you SO much for my baby stamp and my business stamp!! You are so very kind and have really gone the extra mile for me!!!! Thank you once again!!!
I have more business for you.... It was something I wanted done about a year ago and I approached a business in Jhb called ****** ******, sent all the details thru and they never got back to me... So I inevitably left it because I couldn’t find anyone else, until I stumbled across your business.
I will send you the details - if I can find the emails I sent to them I will just forward to you. Here are the letters I’m using for the toppers...look very cute!!
Lisa Borrill


I just wanted to say thank you so much for getting the stamps done. We collected them from the person at the front office, without any hassles what so ever.
Furthermore your service and quality of product is outstanding. I’ll make a point to pass your name on if I know anyone with similar requirements.

Rika Haasbroek

Hi Marius
WOW WOW WOW, thank you so much for the fantastic service with the stamp. The gift was a resounding success and I def plan on ordering one for myself as well as one for my son. Will let you know the minute I’m ready to do so.
Many thanks and kind regards,
Rika Haasbroek

Hi there,
Thank you so much! Wow I didn’t expect them the very next day! Awesome, keep up the great work!

Kind regards
Adel Foster